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Aon Careers

In the following ten questions you are presented with different situations that ask you to imagine you have just started a new role with Aon. You should indicate how you would respond to each situation by choosing one of the five options. There are no incorrect answers and this is for your own information to help you find out more about Aon. Your answers will help guide you into a solution line most suited to your work-style, so please answer honestly for your own benefit. Your responses are not collected or stored anywhere, this is only for you!

Here we go, day one, you’re on the team! You’re about to embark on a new journey working at Aon.


At Aon, we are working with global clients across every industry.
After speaking with some of your new team members, you have come to the realization that there are many interesting topics that you could learn more about.
How would you learn more about these awesome new topics?


At Aon we often work in teams to deliver our client projects. It’s day two and you’re up!
You’ve been asked to join a meeting with the other colleagues to brainstorm a solution on a complex project.
How would you help with the meeting?


Our clients at Aon can be in multiple locations, and we need to communicate with them regularly.
You have just met with your manager, where a change in policy was mentioned that will have a big impact on the clients your team supports. Your manager asks you to share this message with your clients, even though this change in policy has been largely publicized, as you’ve already read about it in the news.
How would you share the message?


At Aon we deal with lots of client data. You are settling in well to your new role with Aon and have been given the opportunity to be part of a new project.
The analytics team has been extremely busy recently and has asked your team to help with the analysis.
What would you do?


At Aon, we often find ourselves deliberating across the teams to find the best solutions for our clients. Also, we like to debate topics we feel passionate about, such as lunch!
It’s been a busy morning, but now it’s time for lunch! You’re really craving this new deli around the corner; however, the rest of the team wants pizza.
What do you do?


Alongside the interesting work we do at Aon there is always some less exciting, but necessary, tasks that need to be completed
It's Tuesday, time for some admin work. You need to make sure your team documents are all saved in the right places and named correctly.
How would you do this?


At Aon we must move at a very high pace to provide the best service possible for our clients, but we must make sure that this does not damage our integrity and quality of service.
Your manager asks you to proofread a report from their manager. This is a very important report which needs to be sent to the client ASAP, so they have asked for you to do one final check before sending. As you’re reading through, you notice a minor error but correcting it would lead to a delay.
What would you do?


At Aon we are constantly competing against the top organizations, and we must always provide our absolute best to clients.
Your team is on a call with a client who intends to buy a quick solution for a simple problem they have been experiencing over the past couple of years; however, you come to realize that there is a better, long-term solution available which you’ve recently read about.
What do you do during the call?


Working at Aon can be a high-pace, high-pressure environment, which also generates a lot of excitement and energy. You’re starting to feel the heat from a client.
It's Wednesday, you’ve been working on an end-of-year review due by the end of the week. You’ve nearly completed the report but you’re waiting on some input from the analytics team. The client emails, pressing for it's completion ASAP and asking you to send over what you have now, even though it’s not complete.
What do you do?


At Aon we pride ourselves on our flexible working lifestyle. But this can sometimes lead to working later than expected.
It’s 6pm on Friday, you’ve made it through your first week! Some of the team are still working but you’re about to join your colleagues for dinner. As you are closing your laptop you receive an email from a client.
What would you do?